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Highly recommend!

I first went to see Lisy many years ago about issues that were happening at that time of my life. She was so loving and understanding and helped me more that I could have ever imagined possible. I was a victim of family circumstances and for the first time ever I felt like I was heard which for me was extremely important to my healing process. She also helped me with strategies to deal with some particular issue as that wasn't something that happened.

It was something that was still occurring in my life at the time. I knew when I left that room the "problem" was going to be waiting for me and more than likely going to continue. Still to this day years later I remind myself of things she said to me and they still help. I also personally loved that Lisy was a Christian and she offered to incorporate my Christian faith and what God says about it into our sessions. Understandably this isn't going to be something everyone wants and it's not something she would do for all her clients. Only if they request for their faith/Spirituality to be integrated in their counselling. She asked if that was something I wanted and being a Christian myself, I personally loved that and felt that it helped me, my life and my situations immensely.

If you are aware of problems that you need to talk about, help to deal with a current or past situation, then I highly recommend booking into see Lisy. You have nothing to lose and the benefits could be life changing for you, as they were for me.

I know so many people who have gone to see Lisy and have recommended her to so many people for various reasons (big and small) and she has been amazing to all of them.

Lisy also offers marriage and couple counselling which is so important for ALL COUPLES. I used to think marriage counselling was for couples who have volatile relationships or major issues, but have since learnt that isn't always the case. Some of the most loving, strongest couples I have met in my life have told me that they go to counselling for even the smallest issues in there marriage if they can't resolve it. Counselling offers fresh open minded suggestions/solutions to issues that motivate couples beyond what they have been struggling with.

ver the years I have come to realise and see that Lisy genuinely cares about her clients, builds lasting relationships and wants to help and see them have a life that is lived in full abundance.

"Try it..... u have nothing to lose but possibly so much to gain......"

Jayde B

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